mycelial technology


Black and white, high-contrast photo of a young man spinning fire poi. His expression is calm and void-like.

Flow arts, and poi in particular, was the practice which first introduced me to the transformative capacity of movement and meditation. I began spinning in 2011 and practiced intensely for several years, eventually transitioning into club juggling. I still pick up my poi from time to time, but far less frequently than in years gone by. Flow arts help to pull me out of my head, down into my body, and out into community.

My current meditation practice includes the Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade qigong routine, which I move through each morning after waking, as well as semi-regular suizen (shakuhachi) and club juggling. My mycelial cultivation efforts form an interspecies meditation of sorts; observing and interacting with the hyphal pulses as we move together through spacetime.