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Welcome to Mycelial Technology; a home for my digital & electronic weavings. I'm a Cape Town-based designer & developer working across the stack; from controlling LCD displays to building data-pipelines & crafting clean, responsive interfaces. My favourite projects involve architecting & deploying small-scale, integrated applications. I'm currently contributing to the open-source, Scuttlebutt-based project PeachCloud and am seeking paid contract work. Please contact me via email to discuss any projects or work you have in mind.

Current Projects

Landing page for - a Scuttlebutt pub & Dat server I administer for the benefit of myself & friends.

Interface mockup for the PeachCloud web interface. This project is under active development & can followed via the GitHub repo.

Website for Harmonic Mycology, a Cape Town-based business that sells medicinal mushroom supplements, hosts lectures & workshops, & conducts DIY mycomaterials research. This project is nearing launch.

Recent Work

The two primary projects I've worked on over the past two years have been Pi-based web applications for a company specializing in industrial communication systems. My code was responsible for retrieving data from custom hardware via Modbus RTU, based on addresses supplied by the user via a web interface. The data was stored in a SQLite data & served using a Flask RESTful API, with React & Redux being used to build the client interface. Styling was accomplished using Tachyons & I relied on the Cytoscape.js library to develop a simple mapping system for attached hardware devices. Other backend features included the use of RabbitMQ for message passing & Celery for task management. In terms of electronics, three LED's & an LCD display were used to communicate system status, with two push buttons allowing device reset & shutdown. I worked remotely as the sole developer on these projects.


I was born & raised in South Africa, lived in the USA for five years as a college student, & have been fortunate to have visited nine countries to date. My formal educational background is in social anthropology (M.Soc.Sci) & I hold a deep fascination with the processes through which humyns form relationships with other living beings. When not behind the keyboard, you can find me foraging in the forest or singing to birds in the garden. I'm dreaming of a three-month cycling trip across Japan ⛩

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