mycelial technology



Line art of a humyn person standing among plants and mushrooms with hands outstretched, palms facing upward. Roots are growing from the plants and the bare feet of the humyn. A stylised sun appears at the top-middle of the piece, emanating glyphs. The artwork is framed in a thin black line. Capital letters spell out 'S V E N D S O L A R' at the bottom of the image


Line drawing of a Japanese archer with a longbow Pen and ink drawing of a tiger beetle with mesas and clouds in the background Pen and ink drawing of a man standing with his hands in his pockets. He has a katana slung across his back and there are rocks scattered around and hills in the background
Inked portrait of a beautiful young person Black and white event poster of a spacecraft, astronaut and planet Line drawing of a woman in a hooded parka


Line drawing of a humyn skull with mushrooms growing from it and text beneath reading 'Death is not the End' Line drawing of a monk ringing a bell Line drawing of a man playing shakuhachi
Line drawing of a pitcher plant Line drawing of a birch polypore mushroom with icicles growing from a birch tree Line drawing of a paper wasp on a small nest
Line drawing of a young man standing next to a tree with mushrooms growing on it Line drawing of a physalis fruit Line drawing of a humyn hand reaching out to touch a mycelial network


Line drawing of an aloe plant Line drawing of an American kestrel Line drawing of a black oval surrounded by two rings of glyphs
Line drawing of a mountain with a teardrop-shaped symbol above it, with mountains and clouds in the background Line drawing of an ant with a long, antenna-like mushroom growing from its thorax Line drawing of a meditating figure with haloes of glyphs surrounding them