mycelial technology

Mycology Literature Reading List


I'm aiming to read 100 mycology journal articles and textbook chapters this year. Any entries marked with a * have been read and discussed as part of the Hyphal Fusion Reading Group.

  1. Hiscox J, O'Leary J, Boddy L (2018). Fungus wars: basidiomycete battles in wood decay. Studies in Mycology 89: 117–124. *
  2. Crowther TW, Boddy L, Maynard DS (2018). The use of artificial media in fungal ecology. Fungal Ecology 32: 87–91.
  3. Parfitt D, Hunt J, Dockrell D, et al. (2010). Do all trees carry the seeds of their own destruction? PCR reveals numerous wood decay fungi latently present in sapwood of a wide range of angiosperm trees. Fungal Ecology, 3(4): 338–346.
  4. Boddy L, Crockatt ME, Ainsworth AM (2011). Ecology of Hericium cirrhatum, H. coralloides and H. erinaceus in the UK. Fungal Ecology, 4(2): 163–173.